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Astronomy Advisory Panel

The purpose of the Advisory Panel is to provide a link between Science Board and the astronomy community, and represent the needs of the community to STFC. The remit of the panel includes Technology Development, Theory, High Performance Computing and Data Curation issues within its area.


  • Paul O’Brien (Chair), University of Leicester
  • Serena Viti, University College London
  • Richard Bower, Durham University
  • Chris Evans, UK Astronomy Technology Centre
  • Stephen Serjeant, Open University
  • Mark Sullivan, University of Southampton
  • David Sing, University of Exeter
  • Yvonne Unruh, Imperial College London

Terms of reference

The Advisory Panel is tasked to:

  • Maintain an overview of activities within the area;
  • Develop and maintain a science vision and long term strategy /roadmap by assessing the merit of current and future science opportunities;
  • Develop and maintain a technology roadmap for their area of research;
  • Consult and interact with the community to ensure its views are canvassed and there is an appropriate and effective route for communication with STFC on strategic programmatic issues;
  • Provide advice to Science Board on specific questions as requested;
  • Liaise with other Advisory Panels when appropriate.

The Advisory Panel is required to report on these activities to Science Board on a regular basis. The science strategy developed by the Advisory Panel will be used by Science Board as input to ongoing strategy development and in future Programmatic Reviews.

Programmatic Review 2012 – Community Consultation

The Astronomy Advisory Panel (AAP) invited community input to the 2012 STFC programmatic review via a questionnaire, the deadline for which was 5th September 2012. This was followed by a Town Meeting held on 18th September 2012 at UCL. The resulting draft AAP report to the 2012-13 STFC Programmatic Review was made available to the community for comment via a web form with a deadline of midday of Thursday 25th October 2012. Following the consultation, the final version of the report was submitted on 1 November 2012.

AAP report to the 2012-13 STFC Programmatic Review

Exoplanets UK research review 2014/15:

A review of exoplanet research in the UK being undertaken by members of the AAP and SSAP, along with specialists working in this area.

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