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Life Sciences and Soft Materials Advisory Panel

The Facilities Advisory Panels were established in 2012 and report to Science Board.

STFC will support and organise one face-to-face meeting of each panel per year, but panel members are encouraged to self-organised additional meetings as they feel necessary.

Each panel will:

  • Obtain and maintain an overview of the science enabled by facilities supported by STFC
  • Understand the science strategies of the Research Councils and consider the impact on the science that can be enabled by the facilities
  • Develop and maintain a vision and long term strategy/roadmap for facilities by assessing the merit of current and future research
  • Develop and maintain a technology roadmap for the facilities by understanding the technology needs for their scientific areas
  • Consult and interact with the community to ensure its views are canvassed and there is an appropriate and effective route for communication with STFC on strategic programmatic issues
  • Provide advice to Science Board on specific questions as requested
  • Liaise with other Advisory Panels when appropriate

Panel members

  • Chair: Professor Martin King – Royal Holloway College
  • Deputy Chair: Prof Steve Meech – University of East Anglia
  • Dr David Barlow – Kings College London
  • Dr David Bhella – University of Glasgow
  • Prof Liz Carpenter - University of Oxford
  • Professor Vilmos Fulop – University of Warwick
  • Professor Peter Moody – University of Leicester
  • Dr Oleksandr Mykhaylyk – University of Sheffield
  • Professor Richard Pickersgill – QMUL
  • Dr Ann Terry – Lund University
  • Prof Paul Verkade - University of Bristol
  • Dr Graeme Whyte - Heriot-Watt University

Terms of Reference


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