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Particle Physics Advisory Panel

The purpose of the Advisory Panel is to provide a link between Science Board and the community, and represent the needs of the community to STFC.



In response to the European Strategy for Particle Physics update in 2020, the PPAP carried out a road-mapping exercise throughout 2020-2021 and after iteration with the particle physics community, finalised the roadmap in September 2021 (PDF, 303KB). This roadmap, like previous ones, represents a snapshot of the community and its vision at this point in time and will be updated in the future.


  • Matthew Needham – University of Edinburgh (Chair)
  • Ben Allanach – University of Cambridge
  • Adrian Bevan – QMUL
  • Monica D’Onofrio – University of Liverpool
  • Kimberly Palladino – University of Oxford
  • Silvia Pascoli – IPPP, Durham
  • Jaroslaw Pastenak – Impercial College London
  • Yvonne Peters – University of Manchester
  • Ruben Saakyan – UCL

Meeting dates

Previous meetings

Please click on the dates below to access the website for each meeting.

Date Location
20 November 2020 Virtual
28 September 2020 Virtual
12-13 September 2019 University of Birmingham
20-21 September 2018 University of Birmingham
16-17 July 2018 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
20-21 July 2017 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
26-27 July 2016 University of Birmingham
23-24 Sept 2015 Imperial College London
21-22 July 2014 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
17-18 Sept 2012 University of Birmingham
11 July 2011 University of Birmingham
5 July 2010 University of Birmingham



Terms of reference

The Advisory Panel is tasked to:

  • Maintain an overview of activities within the area
  • Develop and maintain a science vision and long term strategy / roadmap by assessing the merit of current and future science opportunities
  • Develop and maintain a technology roadmap for their area of research
  • Consult and interact with the community to ensure its views are canvassed and there is an appropriate and effective route for communication with STFC on strategic programmatic issues
  • Provide advice to Science Board on specific questions as requested
  • Liaise with other Advisory Panels when appropriate
  • The Advisory Panel is required to report on these activities to Science Board on a regular basis using the process set out below. The science strategy developed by the Advisory Panel will be used by Science Board as input to ongoing strategy development and in future Programmatic Reviews
  • The Advisory Panel should consist of a chair and deputy and up to twelve other members. The final panel size should be dependent upon the size of the community and the need to ensure that the panel membership fully reflects the breadth of the community.


STFC invites nominations to join its panels and committees on an annual basis. If you are interested in joining the PPAP please contact Sarah Verth.

Last updated: 21 October 2021


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