Particle Physics, Astronomy and Nuclear Physics Advisory Panels

The Particle Physics, Astronomy and Nuclear Physics Advisory Panels report to Science Board. STFC completed a consultation regarding the advisory panels and published the results in December 2011.

Key facts

STFC agreed to retain the following panels:

It was agreed to establish the following panels:

The panels are tasked to:

  • Maintain an overview of activities within the area
  • Develop and maintain a science vision and long term strategy /roadmap by assessing the merit of current and future science opportunities
  • Develop and maintain a technology roadmap for their area of research
  • Consult and interact with the community to ensure its views are canvassed and there is an appropriate and effective route for communication with STFC on strategic programmatic issues
  • Provide advice to Science Board on specific questions as requested
  • Liaise with other Advisory Panels when appropriate

The remit of the panels will include Technology Development, Theory, High Performance Computing and Data Curation issues in their respective areas.

STFC will support and organise one face-to-face meeting of each panel per year, but panel members are encouraged to self-organised additional meetings as they feel necessary.

Last updated: 31 March 2016

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