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Particle Physics Grants Panel

The PPGP is responsible for assessing and making recommendations to the STFC Executive on research grant applications in particle physics covering scientific exploitation of facilities and projects, ‘blue skies’ technology research, theory, modelling, data handling and HPC access.

Organisational Structure


  • Dr Justin Evans – University of Manchester (Experiment)
  • Professor Nick Evans – University of Southampton (Theory)

Core Members

Non-Core Members

  • Professor Richard Ball – University of Edinburgh (Theory)
  • Professor Daniela Bortoletto – University of Oxford (Experiment)
  • Dr Oliver Buchmueller – Imperial College London (Experiment)
  • Dr Christoph Englert – University of Glasgow (Theory)
  • Professor Malcolm Fairbairn – King’s College London (Theory)
  • Professor Frank Krauss – University of Durham (Theory)
  • Dr Christos Leonidopoulos – University of Edinburgh (Experiment)
  • Professor Ryan Nichol – University College London (Experiment)
  • Professor Carlos Nunez – Swansea University (Theory)
  • Dr Helen O’Keeffe – Lancaster University (Experiment)
  • Dr Jonas Rademacker – University of Bristol (Experiment)
  • Dr Antonio Rago – University of Plymouth (Theory)
  • Professor Claudia de Rham – Imperial College London (Theory)
  • Dr Paul Soler – University of Glasgow (Experiment)
  • Professor Gabriele Travaglini – Queen Mary University London (Theory)
  • Dr Joost Vossebeld – University of Liverpool (Experiment)
  • Dr Matthew Wingate – University of Cambridge (Theory)


STFC invites nominations to join its panels and committees on an annual basis. If you are interested in joining the PPGP please contact Sarah Verth.

Terms of reference

The panel’s role is to:

  • To assess and make recommendations to the STFC executive for research awards in particle physics.
  • Take account, as appropriate, of any strategic advice provided by STFC.
  • Take account, as appropriate, of the recommendations of external reviewers and the conclusion of specialist peer review panels.*
  • Provide clear concise feedback to applicants.
  • Advise the Science Board and Executive as required on all issues relating to research grants, including monitoring the level of funding allocated to grants per round.
  • Liaise with other bodies as necessary.
  • To carry out such other tasks associated with peer review as the Executive might require.

* These may be convened by the executive to advise on consolidated grants, contiguous groups of research requests, or research requests which are judged (on the basis of cost or propriety) to warrant such separate, in-depth assessment.

Last updated: 07 February 2019


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