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Science Board

Science Board is our principal scientific advisory committee. It reports directly to Council.

Its purpose is to provide the STFC with a strategic scientific overview and assessment of, and science advice on, all of the programmes STFC supports. It is supported by advisory panels, peer review committees and other advisory committees.

For more information about Science Board, please contact Karen Clifford.

News from Science Board

Committees reporting to Science Board

The Committees reporting to Science Board are:

Core membership

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Non-Core Science Board Members

Updated membership list to follow.


Science Board meeting Statement of Interest deadline Meeting Papers deadline


20-21 February 27 January 31 January
22-23 April 30 March 3 April
24-25 June 1 June 5 June
21-22 October 28 September 2 October
16-17 December 23 November 27 November


23-24 February 1 February 5 February
20-21 April 29 March 2 April
13-14 July 21 June 25 June
12-13 October 20 September 24 September
7-8 December 15 November 19 November

Terms of reference

To provide the Science and Technology Facilities Council with a strategic scientific overview and assessment of, and science advice on, all of the programmes STFC supports.

The Science Board:

  • Formulates and updates long term science and technology strategies for STFC. This includes identifying and prioritising scientific opportunities and understanding the technological and resource needs;
  • Reviews STFC science and technology programmes and investments, assessing their recent and predicted scientific productivity against agreed and publicised criteria;
  • Consults with the appropriate communities via its advisory panels to ensure the science and technology strategies remain the most viable for the UK;
  • Agrees and recommends a detailed STFC scientific investment plan against a budget set by the Council using published criteria and taking into account the agreed programme priorities, the long term science strategy and strategic reviews of STFC’s programmes;
  • Provides advice to Council on criteria for selecting projects and areas of science based on their scientific quality alongside other impacts, including economic impact and societal impact (outreach);
  • Provides strategic scientific advice, as required, on STFC’s non-scientific programmes, including STFC’s campuses and innovation programmes;
  • Provides strategic scientific advice, as required, on the programmes of the UK Space Agency (UKSA) as part of the ‘dual key’ arrangements;
  • Monitors and reviews the operations of, and provides strategic advice and guidance to, peer-review panels.

Science Board may form expert sub-groups and delegate tasks when it is appropriate to do so. It is recognised that Science Board may require access to a wider breadth of knowledge and the mechanism for this is through a college of ‘non-core’ Science Board experts.

Science Board provides independent advice to Council, making recommendations on scientific strategy. In this context it may engage in external reviews. However, any such engagement must have due regard to the impact on STFC, and Council should be consulted as to the nature of the external engagement and approval obtained from the Chair of Council as appropriate.

Science Board will ensure that its business is conducted in accordance with the STFC Ethics Policy, and have regard to any ethical principles set by the ethics committee and endorsed by Council.

The above terms of reference will be reviewed annually.

Last updated: 15 February 2021


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