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Dr Isabel Moraes

Dr Isabel Moraes is a Principal Research Scientist at National Physical Laboratory in London. Her main research is focused on structure-function relationships of membrane proteins and other pharmacological biomolecules using X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy and other biophysical approaches.

Another focus of her research is the development of new methods and capabilities in serial crystallography using synchrotron and XFEL sources, thus in collaboration with scientists from Diamond Light Source and SACLA in Japan.

Isabel Moraes obtained her PhD in structural biology from the University of Reading in collaboration with Syngenta in 2005. Following this, she completed her postdoctoral studies at the London School of Pharmacy and worked as structural biologist in industry for a few years. From 2010, she headed up a membrane protein laboratory at Diamond Light Source, where she was responsible for the management of the facility, as well as its research.

Isabel maintains an extensive network of collaborations in the field of membrane protein structure determination while providing consultancy to the industry and serving in several boards. Over the last five years, Isabel has delivered numerous presentations and organised many courses and workshops in the field of membrane protein structural biology.

Isabel has been actively promoting science to the public via different public events, with her work being featured by the mainstream and local media in the UK.

Last updated: 15 February 2021


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