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Professor Karen Edler

Karen Edler

Professor Karen Edler
(Credit: STFC)

Karen Edler is Professor of Soft Matter in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bath. She studied at the University of Sydney (BSc 1992, LLB 1994), and the Australian National University (PhD 1998), and held postdoctoral positions at Cornell University and a joint position at the Universities of Bristol and Bath, before gaining a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellowship (University of Bath) in 2000, where she has remained. Her research focuses on studies of self-organisation in solution, covering materials from nanostructured polymer-surfactant films, to polymer-lipid nanodiscs for membrane protein supports, and cellulose nanofiber gels for more sustainable rheology modifiers in personal care products. Her group also studies liquid structuring in deep eutectic solvents and how solvent interactions affect self-assembly of micelles and nanoparticles in these fluids. She works with a range of collaborators, from biologists and chemical engineers to industrial partners. Her work uses scattering techniques, including use of both synchrotron X-rays at Diamond and neutrons at ISIS and ILL to obtain structural information, particularly in reacting systems, across length scales from Ångstroms to microns.

Karen has served on numerous UK and international committees associated with Large Scale Facilities, including instrument review roles, and beamtime peer review panels for ISIS at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Large Scale Structures), and the ILL (College 9), as well as providing input to the European Spallation Source in the Reflectometry STAP and the Samples and Users STAP. She is a member of the Project Management Committee for the EPSRC mid-range facility XMaS, located at the ESRF. She also sits on the advisory board for DEUNET, the European network of deuteration facilities, and the CCP-SAS management committee. She was the representative for the Surfaces & Interfaces village on the Diamond User Committee. She is a Fellow of the RSC, and a member of the UK Neutron Scattering Group, and the Diamond SAXS User Working Group.

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