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Internal & External Reviews of STFC

Our activities are reviewed by a range of mechanisms. Here you can find a quick overview of the different reports available.

Communication Capability Review

The Communication Capability Review of STFC is one of a series of reviews across Whitehall. The review fieldwork took place in January 2015. The review was carried out by a combination of peer and external reviewers.

The communications function has been reviewed to help identify areas of strength and areas where improvement is needed. The purpose of the review is to look at whether the organisation is undertaking the right communication, in the most effective way, using the right skills mix. The review takes into account the core principles of government communication such as the importance of digital; the need for greater partnership working; and the value of evaluating what we do.

Communication Capability Review

Triennial Review of the Research Councils

The review, which examined the form, function and governance of the UK’s seven Research Councils, has recognised that we are working from a position of strength. The review has also confirmed that the current number and structure of the seven Research Councils is right.

Triennial Review of the Research Councils published

STFC’s Annual Report and Accounts

Our audited accounts and annual reporting provide details of our financial operations, environmental and other reporting and our performance against targets each year.

Financial Reporting

Independent review of National Large Facilities at Harwell

To enable BEIS and STFC to review the appropriateness of the current operational models of the three UK National Facilities at Harwell; the Central Laser Facility, ISIS neutron and muon source, and the Diamond Light Source, BEIS commissioned an Independent Review to identify whether there were any potential radical solutions for putting the facility operation onto a lower-cost footing and articulate the risks of any proposals. The review was chaired by Dick Elsy, the CEO of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, and reported to BEIS in April 2017.

National Large Facilities at Harwell

Programmatic Review 2012-13

This latest review was undertaken by STFC’s Science Board starting in mid-2012 to:

  • Assess the quality of STFC’s programmes in terms of science, operational effectiveness, and impact;
  • Inform STFC’s future strategic and financial planning;
  • Define appropriate research areas and recommend a research portfolio and planning timeline for STFC support to those research areas.

The Programmatic Review was thus designed to inform STFC’s planning decisions and to help optimise excellent science and impact in any financial scenario, on the clear understanding that the level and timing of funding for any project or area may be affected by a number of other factors and the overall funding available.

Programmatic Review

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