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Our Impacts & Achievements

Our research seeks to understand the Universe from the largest astronomical scales to the tiniest constituents of matter, yet creates impact on a very tangible, human scale. From cancer research to clean energy, powering transport to cultural heritage - our impact is felt across many aspects of daily life. We also collaborate extensively with industry and our long term R&D underpins sectors which contribute billions of pounds annually to the UK economy; including space, pharmaceuticals, digital animation and communication, microelectronics and physics-based manufacturing.

Impact is at the heart of STFC’s Corporate Strategy. Our Vision is 'to maximise the impact of our science and technology for the benefit of the UK and its people'. We deliver this impact through our three strategic goals of world class research, innovation and skills, to generate knowledge, solutions and skilled people, thus underpinning the UK’s future competitiveness and the supporting the UK economy.

We achieve this extraordinary breadth of impact in three ways. Firstly, we support world-leading, cutting-edge, frontier research with our university partners. Secondly, by providing access to large-scale scientific facilities, we support interdisciplinary research that spans a range of physical and life sciences. Thirdly, we help businesses thrive, promoting academic and industrial collaboration and encouraging translation of our research to market applications, through all of our programmes, particularly the Science and Innovation Campuses.

STFC’s Impact Framework and Evaluation Strategy guides our evaluation priorities, and helps monitor our progress towards realising our vision.

The impact of STFC research and technology can impact our lives in many different ways. Just as there are many impacts at different levels of society, there are many different ways in which we report this impact

  • Impact Reports – STFC publishes an annual Impact Report which presents quantitative data and case study examples which illustrate the breadth and depth of our economic and societal impact.
  • Impact Evaluation Studies – we also conduct in-depth impact evaluation studies of particular subject areas, facility types, underpinning technology and studies which investigate the impact to entire industry sectors or the UK economy.
  • Case Studies – individual case studies demonstrate our capabilities, whether this is short, medium or long term impact.

Last updated: 04 April 2018


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