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Accelerating the development of graphene

Collaborator: University of Leeds

left-hand quote markThe Hartree Centre was vital to the success of our research. Without it, the project could not have been done – and not such a high standard. It is particularly useful to have access to both the HPC capabilities and expert support for the optimisation of code, enabling the machines to be used to maximum potential. It is also conveniently available a stone’s throw from Manchester’s new £61m National Graphene Institute.right-hand quote mark

Andrew Scott,
Institute for Materials Research,
University of Leeds

Offering: Collaborative R&D

Outcome: Knowledge vital to exploiting game-changing new material

The Hartree Centre’s cutting-edge simulation capabilities have generated insights into the quantum mechanical behaviour of graphene – a phenomenally thin, incredibly strong material with huge potential in the field of nanoelectronics.

Investigating at the atomic scale and shedding light on processes taking place, the highly accurate simulations not only confirmed the University of Leeds team’s experimental findings but also helped to explain why graphene behaves the way it does.

Specifically, the project helped explain how metal atoms bind or react with graphene – vital to determining how this revolutionary material could work in electronic devices and deliver faster nanoelectronic technology for a range of applications.

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