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Accessing specialist equipment to further product development

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)’s business incubator, the Innovations and Technology Access Centre (I-TAC), has provided early-stage company Nanoflex with easy access to specialist equipment to further develop their innovative nanoelectrode system.

The challenge

I-TAC company, Nanoflex is developing the world’s first commercial high performance nanoelectrode, suitable for use in a range of electroanalytical applications such as healthcare diagnostics and environmental monitoring. Developing new products in technology or research intensive fields can be a long and challenging process. NanoFlex, like most early-stage companies, has limited access to the specialist facilities and equipment required to expedite the development of new products.

left-hand quote markWorking with I-TAC has provided us with the ideal environment required to take our product from concept to market through access to their state of the art facilities and business support programmesright-hand quote mark

Neville Freeman,
Chief Executive Officer, Nanoflex

The solution

NanoFlex joined STFC’s I-TAC incubator at Daresbury Laboratory in 2012, providing them with flexible access to high- specification equipment and laboratory space without the high costs associated with equipment purchase. During their tenancy the company were awarded over £4,000 worth of vouchers towards access to STFC facilities and services. This funding has allowed NanoFlex to work closely with STFC’s Detector System’s Group to explore their technology through sophisticated data processing techniques. Working within the I-TAC incubator inspires collaboration possibilities across the Sci-Tech Daresbury campus as well as with regional universities and other companies. As a result of these interactions, NanoFlex have been able to expedite the development of their patented CAVIARETM nanoband array electrode system and to deliver robust application development projects on a business to business basis, on time and to budget.

The benefits

Being a tenant at I-TAC has allowed NanoFlex to address new applications and markets for their products. It has also provided access to high-specification equipment, laboratory space and a dedicated business support programme.

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Last updated: 24 September 2015


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