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Custom Consoles win their first contracts at CERN

LHCb main control room

Layout of Custom Consoles furniture in LHCb main control room.
(Credit: Custom Consoles)

Custom Consoles won a contract worth £112,000 for the design and installation of technical control furniture for two areas in the Large Hadron Collider: the Large Hadron Collider Beauty (LHCb) experiment and the LHC cryogenics control room. The STFC Business Opportunities team contacted Custom Consoles and made them aware of the opportunity and enabled CERN to invite them to tender. Custom Consoles were able to offer an innovation solution that was compliant with current ergonomic standards. Installation was completed in January 2016 and the control rooms have been in operation since March 2016.

“CERN were very happy with the work completed by Custom Consoles," says CERN Technical Manager Bernard Chadaj. “The company conducted the project with professionalism throughout all phases of the project and were able to adapt to CERN's requests and constraints.”

The contract enabled Custom Consoles to build a relationship with CERN and showed their ability to offer good solutions at a competitive rate. This has positioned the company well at CERN for future opportunities and they have gone onto win a second contract worth £36,000 for control room furniture for a magnet testing room. Custom Consoles completed this project in the first quarter of 2017 and has since completed two additional magnetic testing control room furniture contracts, each worth £25,000.

"Technical control furniture from Custom Consoles' SteelBase and Steelbase-Lite product ranges was chosen for the LHCb control room and cryogenics control room," adds David Hay, technical coordinator at CERN's Engineering Department. "In partnership with Custom Consoles we chose SteelBase-Lite for the Heavy Magnet Testing control room. The desks have all proved hardwearing and aesthetically attractive. Our operators particularly appreciate the ergonomic excellence of SteelBase-Lite and the well-designed cable management features."

Custom Consoles' Sales Manager Gary Fuller adds: “Having worked extensively in the UK science industry for such clients as STFC, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the Diamond Light Source, the further securement of a contract with CERN will undoubtedly enable us to continue our expansion into the European science industry.”

Further information

  • STFC manage the UK subscription to CERN. UK membership of CERN gives our physicists and engineers access to the experiments and allows UK industry to bid for contracts and UK nationals to compete for jobs and research positions at CERN.
  • STFC fund a number of large international science facilities these include: CERN in Geneva, Switzerland; ESO in Garching, Germany; ESS in Lund, Sweden; SKA in the UK, South Africa and Australia; European X-FEL in Hamburg, Germany; the ESRF and the ILL in Grenoble, France; and FAIR in Darmstadt, Germany. We are not involved in contract opportunities for our national facilities.
  • The STFC Business Opportunities team works to increase the return that the UK gets from tenders and contracts at these facilities by providing free assistance to UK companies and helping them to access tenders at these facilities.

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Last updated: 31 January 2018


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