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Enhancing packaging R&D methods with clay-polymer modelling

Customer: Sun Chemical

left-hand quote markWith this kind of advanced modelling, you can watch what happens on an atomistic level so you really understand the reasons behind it, rather than just seeing the end result. In a real-life experiment, you see whether it works, but you don’t see why. Sun Chemical now has the knowledge to benefit from these techniques in future R&D.right-hand quote mark

Sebastian Metz,
Computational Chemist, STFC

Offering: Collaborative R&D

Outcome: Insights into potential of innovative packaging solution

Advanced modelling and simulation at the Hartree Centre enabled Sun Chemical to test the effect of clay particles in coatings to boost the performance of food packaging.

In collaboration with two university partners, the Hartree Centre probed down to molecular level not just to shed light on how the particles would behave but also to generate a detailed understanding of exactly why they would behave that way.

Examining and exploring the dispersal of the particles in a solvent-polymer mixture, modelling and simulation helped inform predictions prior to the real-life testing phase and reduced the need for physical prototyping.

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