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Expanding HPC options for catastrophe modelling with Oasis

Customer: Oasis Loss Modelling Framework

Offering: Collaborative R&D

Outcome: Improved catastrophe modelling software for insurance predictions

left-hand quote markThe independence and depth of knowledge enabled us to get world leading expertise to demonstrate the practicality of parallel processing and the potential of an in-memory option.right-hand quote mark

Dr Peter Taylor, Technical Director,
Oasis Loss Modelling Framework

High performance computing (HPC) hardware and expertise at the Hartree Centre helped Oasis optimise the functionality of modelling software that helps insurance companies predict the outcomes of natural disasters.

The Hartree Centre demonstrated how the Oasis platform would run on distributed computing environments, and therefore be able to cope effectively with the vast datasets which are analysed in order to make predictions.

It also provided valuable advice related to maximising the speed and efficiency of the software’s operation.

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