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UK company wins contract for the ESRF's upgrade: the Extremely Brilliant Source project

Dean Gibson from the ESRF (left) and Simon Kirkman from AMF Engineering (right) in front of the DMU DuoBlock 80P.
(Credit: STFC)

AMF Engineering has won a contract from ESRF worth €860K; supplying key components for the Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS) project. This contract will supply one of the most important parts for ESRF’s new 844m circumference storage ring; the mechanical parts of the longitudinal magnets for the ESRF upgrade’s EBS project. The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) manages the UK membership to the ESRF which allows UK companies to bid on projects at the ESRF. In 2012 AMF Engineering were introduced to the ESRF for the first time at an STFC Meet the Buyer event. Since then AMF Engineering have been steadily winning contracts, so far they have had in the region of 20 orders from the ESRF of the value of €150K.

Dean Gibson, Procurement Officer in the Instrumentation Services & Development Division at the ESRF said: “In 2013 AMF first started working for the ESRF with small machining contracts. Three years on this has evolved into AMF providing the ESRF with real added value services, culminating in this order for 442 mounted and inspected Dipole assemblies for our new storage ring EBS project.”

The parts AMF are supplying are key to the new storage ring. The ESRF designed magnets feature a new technology that uses dipoles with longitudinal gradient and permanent magnets which significantly reduces costs as it does not require water cooling or electricity. This new design has the potential to be used in similar facilities around the world. As AMF will gain experience in delivering components for this new design, the contract will position AMF well for future opportunities.

The first factory test for this contract has been approved by the ESRF and AMF will be manufacturing these parts until the final delivery in April 2017. From this contract AMF will gain significant commercial experience, particularly on machining of low carbon steel and producing poles with the correct surface treatment. The contract required a significant investment in new equipment to deliver the components. This investment has increased AMF’s capacity for future work which has increased the competitiveness of the company and its commercial offering.

Kostas Stamatopoulos, Business Development Manager, from AMF Engineering said: “AMF has established a relationship with ESRF for about 4 years and we are now proud to be part of the manufacturing of high integrity Dipole Magnet Assembly. This is the latest technology component which will bring ESRF and AMF as partners in the next generation of the scientific instrumentation. The ESRF innovative design has led AMF to invest in state of art manufacturing and inspection equipment in order to achieve the project requirements in terms of quality and delivery. Our long standing and honest relationship with ESRF is one of the most critical factors for delivering successful contracts. Here at AMF, we believe that working closely with innovative organisations such as ESRF has always been our strategy to improve our skill sets, invest in cutting edge technology, attract new markets and as a result remaining competitive in this rapidly changing global market place.”

Further information

  • The EBS project has investment of €150M and spans the period of 2015 - 2022 with the aim of constructing a new 844m circumference storage ring.
  • The UK has won over €8.5M in contracts from ESRF’s EBS project.
  • STFC manages the UK subscription to the ESRF. UK membership of ESRF gives our physicists and engineers access to the experiments and allows UK industry to bid for contracts and UK nationals to compete for jobs and research positions at ESRF.
  • STFC fund a number of international science facilities as well as the ESRF. These include: CERN in Geneva, Switzerland; ESO in Garching, Germany; the ILL in Grenoble, France; the ESS in Lund, Sweden; FAIR in Darmstadt, Germany; and the SKA in South Africa and Australia.

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UK Company Wins Contract for the ESRFs Upgrade (102KB)

Last updated: 08 September 2016


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