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Improving aircraft design simulations with HPC

Collaborator: University of Manchester

Offering: Collaborative R&D, Software development

Outcome: Faster development of more accurate aerodynamic models

left-hand quote markTo study an entire aircraft using CFD you really need a big computing facility. The Hartree centre’s HPC facilities allow you to use the most advanced CFD models, which on standard HPC facilities may take many months to compute. On the Hartree machines it only takes a matter of days. That speed up is invaluable for academics and industry.right-hand quote mark

Dr Neil Ashton,
University of Manchester

The Hartree Centre provided the high performance computing (HPC) capability needed to enable Dr Neil Ashton of the University of Manchester to develop more complex, more accurate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models for aircraft designers.

Advanced computing and visualisation capabilities at the Hartree meant the Manchester team not only cut development/run times from months to days but also took the first step towards simulation of a whole aircraft, superseding the previous ‘piece by piece’ approach.

The team hopes that these new models will be a major boost to CFD - a key time and cost-saving design tool used by the aviation industry to develop aircraft that use less fuel, generate less noise and produce fewer emissions.

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