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Making light work of fibre optic optimisation

Collaborators: University of Warwick, Aston University

Offering: Collaborative R&D

Outcome: Innovative software that boosts efficiency of fibre optic networks

left-hand quote markThe Hartree Centre has been vital for the development of this software, which supports key research objectives of the rapidly evolving digital revolution. It is a potential game changer in the way optical communication systems will be simulated in the future.right-hand quote mark

Dr Marc Eberhard,
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University

Researchers has been using the Hartree Centre’s high performance computing (HPC) capabilities to test novel simulation software designed to improve fibre optic cable performance.

In collaboration, the University of Warwick and Aston University had developed the massively parallel modelling software and designed it to work across many Central Processing Units (CPUs), but lacked the in-house HPC resources to test its scalability and runtime behaviour.

The Hartree Centre’s Blue Joule supercomputer provided the power required, with the team harnessing around 400,000 hours of core time – demonstrating how HPC delivers an extra dimension to the development of pioneering software.

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