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Rainford Solutions Case Study - Vanguard® Outdoor Enclosures

In 2013 the UK North West based Rainford Solutions celebrated its successful tender win for the supply of its Vanguard® range of outdoor electrical enclosures to be used for further research projects at the European particle physics laboratory near Geneva. The outdoor cabinets will house the monitoring stations which measure the gamma and neutron radiation in the environment in the vicinity of CERN.

“This tender was won against strong European competition validating our technical expertise, responsiveness and an ability to compete on a European level with other technologically advanced companies. We demonstrated the ability to meet all technical requirements of this demanding tender including CERN Safety Rules, European Regulations and a variety of standards regarding resistance to harsh environmental conditions. The scope of our services allows us to enter bids as a single entity allowing better project control and faster response as well as providing CERN with the ability to obtain spares throughout the product lifecycle” comments, Julie Houghton, Marketing Manager at Rainford Solutions.

This recent order is the latest and largest yet for enclosures to be used by CERN. Rainford Solutions has previously supplied enclosures used for a network to distribute data between the CERN facility and academic centres around the world. This time Rainford Solutions will design, manufacture and integrate thermal/power management systems into the enclosures, which will be installed outdoors.

“The success of this tender demonstrates our ability to meet the requirements of technologically advanced projects efficiently and effectively. It further underpins our reputation for understanding clients’ needs and devising a solution which meets the most demanding of criteria” says Duncan Crawford, Finance Director for Rainford Solutions.

Further information

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Rainford Solutions case study (PDF, 132 KB)

Last updated: 30 August 2019


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