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Revealing the value of open data

Customer: Democrata

Offering: Big data analytics, Collaborative R&D

Outcome: Customisable model that cuts construction costs

left-hand quote markIn the context of our mission to democratise data and make it usable, our ability to harness Hartree’s computing platform, plus IBM software and skills, equipped us to achieve proof of concept in the shortest possible time and to produce a prototype we can use to enthuse and inspire people with our vision.right-hand quote mark

Geoff Roberts,

Big data and data analytics solutions provided by the Hartree Centre and partner IBM enabled Democrata to use open data to predict the presence of ancient remains on construction sites.

Thanks to the Hartree Centre, the start-up was able to produce a prototype model in the shortest possible time, combining and mining huge, diverse datasets about previous finds, settlement patterns and landscape characteristics. The company harnessed this big data to create sophisticated predictive algorithms.

Thanks to a UK-wide predictive ‘layer’ comprising 200 million individual points – one for every 50m across the country – construction firms can use the model to minimise the costs and delays that would result from finds of archaeological structures and artefacts.

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