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Tesla Engineering are attracting the ESRF to spend millions in the UK

Tesla Engineering has won €7.8 million worth of contracts from the ESRF as part of the Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS) upgrade project. They are supplying 400 quadrupole magnets and 100 dipole-quadrupole magnets which are essential parts of the new storage ring.  Before the contracts were released to tender the STFC Business Opportunities team met with Tesla Engineering to ensure they were aware of the tenders that would soon be released.

The ESRF have been working in collaboration with Tesla on the pre-production phase assisting with the processes and tooling and they will continue to work closely together throughout the contract. Tesla will be using ESRF equipment to complete certain tests before the magnets are shipped to the ESRF.

The ESRF team really appreciate the successful three way collaboration between the STFC, ESRF, and Tesla Engineering Ltd.

Working at the cutting edge of technology with a facility such as the ESRF has led to multiple benefits for Tesla:

  • During the contracts they will be putting their 5 axis milling machine into full production allowing them to gain experience and develop their knowledge of the machine;
  • The contracts have also allowed Tesla to invest in a new CMM machine that will be used extensively during the contracts;
  • The experience they gain from working with the ESRF will also place Tesla well for upgrades at other international facilities.

The benefits of working with the ESRF are not just limited to Tesla; as a direct result of this contract Tesla have recruited a significant number of technicians from the local area.

Further information

  • The EBS project has investment of €150M and spans the period of 2015 - 2022 with the aim of constructing a new 844m circumference storage ring. To find out more about the EBS upgrade project at the ESRF please see their website.
  • STFC manage the UK subscription to the ESRF. UK membership of the ESRF gives our physicists and engineers access to the experiments and allows UK industry to bid for contracts and UK nationals to compete for jobs and research positions at the ESRF.
  • STFC fund a number of large international science facilities as well as the ESRF. These include: CERN in Geneva, Switzerland; ESO in Garching, Germany; ESS in Lund, Sweden; SKA in the UK, South Africa and Australia; European X-FEL in Hamburg, Germany; the ESRF and the ILL in Grenoble, France; and FAIR in Darmstadt, Germany.
  • The STFC Business Opportunities team work to increase the return that the UK gets from tenders and contracts at these facilities by providing free assistance to UK companies and helping them to access tenders at these facilities. We are not involved in contract opportunities for our national facilities.

If you would like to be alerted to upcoming tender opportunities or to hear about events to connect with the facilities please register with us.

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Last updated: 24 October 2018


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