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The drive to design safer vehicles using supercomputers

Customer: Simpact Engineering

Offering: Platform as a service

left-hand quote markFor a high-tech SME like Simpact, the ability to access leading-edge HPC capabilities through a pay-as-you-go delivery model – with all the convenience of operating from our own offices – is a real game-changer, helping us meet customers’ cost and timescale requirements and boosting our capacity to compete and thrive in the global market.right-hand quote mark

Tim Williams, Director,
Simpact Engineering Ltd

Outcome: 50% reduction in time required to carry out crash simulations

The Hartree Centre’s on-demand high performance computing (HPC) service enCORE, managed by OCF, enabled vehicle impact specialists Simpact Engineering to enhance its capacity to compete and thrive in the global market.

Using the service meant Simpact could quickly and cost-effectively upscale its in-house computing hardware and secure results from highly complex crash simulation models to a challenging deadline.

Through access to the Hartree Centre’s IBM Blue Wonder cluster, model runtime was reduced by more than half, underlining how intense computing can significantly accelerate the design and innovation cycle.

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