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UK Company analyses the Big Bang

STFC is ensuring that UK companies are winning contracts from CERN, currently being used to re-create the conditions of the big bang and give us vital information about the origins of the Universe.

CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, is the largest particle physics laboratory in the world with an annual budget of more than £650 million. A third of its budget is spent developing new technologies and facilities so there are many opportunities for UK companies to benefit by winning contracts and exploiting new technologies in other areas.

STFC works with UK industry to enhance both the direct and indirect benefits and provide assistance to companies interested in bidding for contracts whether in computing, electronics and vacuum technology or providing technical support work. Viglen was awarded a share of two contracts worth £1.8m by CERN, to provide high performance computing and storage equipment needed to handle 15 petabytes of data each year. This amount of data would fill more than 20 trillion CDs which stacked on top of each other would go round the earth 600 times.

These contracts are excellent news for the UK economy and ensure that British technology continues to be a key part of the world’s biggest particle physics experiment.

“Viglen was one of the firms awarded large contracts for expanding our processing and storage capacity. We have been impressed by their experience in dealing with large scale computing and storage projects as well as the timely and reliable delivery of so much equipment.” Dr Olof Bärring, Head of computer planning and procurement, CERN

Last updated: 05 December 2018


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