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Understanding advanced material performance

Customer: Victrex

Offering: Collaborative R&D

Outcome: Rapid insights into polymer properties

left-hand quote markThe insight that the work with the Hartree Centre has brought enables Victrex to better understand the capabilities of its high performance polymers in the most demanding of situations, and informs the design of the next generation of high-temperature thermoplastics.right-hand quote mark

Dr Richard Ainsworth,

The Hartree Centre’s world-class capabilities shed new light on the performance potential of an advanced polymer developed and manufactured by Victrex for high-temperature, high-pressure and other extreme environments.

Computational chemistry, advanced modelling & simulation techniques, state-of-the-art visualisation facilities, leading-edge high performance computing (HPC) – all of these solutions integrated to enable Victrex to secure an in-depth understanding of how the polymer reacts with different chemicals at atomic scale.

These investigations and processes delivered key data enabling more accurate prediction of the material’s performance in a range of applications, helping the company to strengthen its product offering and potentially extend market share.

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