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Unilever utilises Hartree to drive packaging innovation

To maximise the time and cost benefits of design simulation, Unilever has identified the Hartree® Centre as an ideal supplier of on-demand High Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities.


Packaging innovation & development is crucial to growth at consumer goods multinational Unilever. In this context, the company’s R&D Packaging Development Team identified huge potential to transform the innovation process by leveraging simulation solutions during the design phase. This has not only helped to accelerate innovation delivery by introducing efficiencies but has also enabled the development of increasingly sophisticated packaging designs. Unilever’s Packaging Team recognised the key role that HPC had to play in enabling simulation models to perform with the required speed and sophistication.

left-hand quote mark“The Hartree Centre’s High Performance Computing capabilities will help us achieve better design solutions for our consumers, delivered by more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable processes.”right-hand quote mark

Paul Howells,
Vice President, R&D Packaging, Unilever


What Unilever needed was access to a flexible on-demand HPC solution that was capable of providing world-class facilities and expertise and would be guaranteed to help meet the company’s requirements going forward. The Packaging Team identified the Hartree Centre as perfectly placed to deliver both the raw computing power and the accessibility that were necessary in order for Unilever to realise its strategic ambitions in the field of design simulation.


The Packaging Team estimates that digital design of products has the potential to cut the cost of innovation processes by up to 65% and to reduce time to market by up to 50%. Considering Unilever’s diverse global innovation portfolio, the overall potential gains are therefore substantial. By slashing runtimes for even the most complex simulations from weeks to days or hours, Hartree’s impact will be felt not just in optimising the whole packaging design process but also in the crucial acceleration in decision-making that state of the art HPC makes possible. Additionally there are significant benefits in terms of sustainability due to reduced need for resource-intensive physical prototyping.

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Unilever utilises Hartree to drive packaging innovation

Last updated: 11 October 2016


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