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Using intense computing to investigate wind farm effects on coast

Collaborators: University of Liverpool, EPSRC, NERC National Oceanography Centre, EDF Energy

Offering: Collaborative R&D

Outcome: Quicker, more accurate modelling of wind farm’s environmental impact

left-hand quote markLarge-scale offshore wind energy developments have a relatively short pedigree in the UK, so the Hartree Centre’s ability to model impacts with greater accuracy and speed is a significant development for the offshore wind industry and its various stakeholders.right-hand quote mark

Dr Ming Li,
School of Engineering,
University of Liverpool

The Hartree Centre’s intense computing capabilities enabled the University of Liverpool to acquire unprecedented insights into the coastal impacts of Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm – insights valuable to the offshore wind industry and local communities.

Delivering the speed, detail and reliability required, the Hartree Centre’s Blue Joule supercomputer enabled accurate modelling of the effects of individual turbines, as well as simulations for timescales that ranged from weeks to years.

The results will help optimise wind farm management and siting, minimising negative impacts on water flow and sediment transport and have highlighted what mitigation measures may be required at Burbo Bank.

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