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Impact Evaluations

By its nature, relatively short-term performance monitoring cannot be expected to provide a full picture of the broader economic and societal benefits our organisation supports. We therefore carry out evaluation studies on our longer-term impacts.

The following studies and reports illustrate this range of impacts and have been carried out either by or in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Neutron scattering - materials research for modern life

Read our brochure to discover how neutron scattering is moving materials research forward.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanners

Research carried out by STFC played a major role in enabling the development of MRI, most notably through development of superconducting magnet technology. This case study outlines the importance of the MRI industry to the UK economy and associated societal impacts.

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Lasers in our lives: 50 years of impact

Find out about the significant social and economic impact lasers have had on our lives, as this brochure celebrates 50 years of their impact. Published in partnership with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in 2010.

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E-ELT Impact

How the world’s largest infrared and optical telescope will benefit the UK by the UK E-ELT team including staff from the STFC’s Astronomy Technology Centre and UK Universities.

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Beyond the Stars Why Astronomy Matters

This RAS booklet explores how astronomy impacts our society, and highlights some of the areas where UK talent is leading the field in pushing back the boundaries of our understanding of the universe. From detecting counterfeit goods to saving lives, the booklet explains how technology developed for astronomy has shaped our world.

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Benefits of Research Infrastructures beyond Science
The Example of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)

Illustrates the predicted non astronomy impacts of the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope.

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The economic impact of the Research Councils

A series of Economic Impact Studies, undertaken by PA Consulting and SQW. The STFC relevant case studies are in part 2, (Protein Crystallography at the SRS, Lasers for Science Facility, Studentships and Detectors research and its use for medical imaging).

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