Corporate Strategy

Published in 2018 our Strategic context and future opportunities details our strategic goals, themes and enablers together with our key priorities for the future.

Published in December 2010, our Corporate Strategy sets out, clearly and succinctly, our far-reaching plans for the future and the direction we aim to take until the end of the decade.

Just like the Vision whose realisation it underpins, the Strategy was developed following extensive consultation – with research communities, commercial partners and academic and international collaborators, as well as our own staff.

Key facts

The result is an imaginative, dynamic yet securely rooted document built around:

  • Three strategic goals designed to ensure we maintain our long-term focus:
    • world-class research
    • world-class innovation
    • world-class skills
  • Six strategic themes designed to aid delivery of these strategic goals:
    • solutions for global challenges
    • inspiring and involving
    • sustaining research excellence and leadership
    • effective knowledge exchange
    • strengthening strategic partnerships
    • building international influence
  • Three strategic enablers critical to our ability to achieve our objectives:
    • developing our people
    • financial sustainability
    • delivering an efficient and effective organisation

We’re confident that, individually and collectively, these 12 distinctive components provide a sound foundation enabling us to attain our Vision in the years ahead.


Last updated: 27 July 2018

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