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Strategic Context and Future Opportunities

Strategic Context and Future Opportunities front cover

(Credit: STFC)

STFC has reviewed its corporate strategy and produced a new document (PDF, 5.7 MB) to reflect the changing external environment since the strategy was published in 2010.

Working with our community and strategic partners to consider achievements to date, and look at new opportunities, STFC has developed the document ‘Strategic Context and Future Opportunities’ (PDF, 5.7 MB). This is STFC’s initial step in developing a Strategic Delivery Plan which will be published in April 2019. It provides a tool through which we will engage with our staff, community and partners to set an ambitious future for STFC.

Strategic Context and Future Opportunities takes into account the Government’s renewed focus on the importance of UK Industrial Strategy and the impact of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. We have also taken the opportunity to consider STFC’s contribution to UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI’s) ambitions.

STFC became part of UKRI when it formed in April 2018, bringing together the seven research councils as well as Research England (the England-only responsibilities of HEFCE in relation to research and knowledge exchange) and Innovate UK.

The move to UKRI places an even greater emphasis on maximising the impact of our research to tackle the environmental, societal and economic challenges of the 21st Century. STFC has a central role to play in pushing the frontiers of human understanding to drive economic growth and societal benefits.

Strategic Context and Future Opportunities sets the context within which we believe STFC can play this important role. It emphasises the multidisciplinary nature of our research, our global reach and the strong collaborations that exist between academic and industrial partners.

It replaces our existing Corporate Strategy but provides a current document on which to base our engagement with stakeholders.

STFC’s Strategic Delivery Plan (SDP) when published in April 2019 will present our 5-10 year vision and associated shorter-term delivery plans.

Strategic Context document (PDF, 5.7 MB)

Last updated: 26 July 2018


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