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Diagnostics and Lasers Group

The Diagnostic & Lasers group undertakes a wide range of activities, spanning from underpinning research in advanced accelerator diagnostic concepts through to development of essential diagnostic instrumentation on ASTeC test facilities.

The group has particular strengths are in electronic design for beam position monitors and low latency feedback, and in ultrafast laser based diagnostics. The group operates many lasers systems for development of femtosecond particle-beam diagnostics, photo-injector development and support, and in projects in FEL photon diagnostics and FEL seed sources.

The group has active collaborations with universities and international accelerator laboratories, with particularly strong links to University of Manchester, University of Dundee and CERN’s linear collider programme.

All Diagnostics and Lasers group publications can be found in the ePublication Archive.

Last updated: 07 March 2016


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