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Applied Science

The Applied Science Division (ASD) contains a range of key skills and technologies of long term value to STFC. These include magnet and materials technology, cryogenics, energy technologies, high power target engineering and advanced engineering design and analysis.

The Division undertakes a wide range of projects in conjunction with STFC departments, universities and science funding agencies, both within the UK and overseas.

In addition, ASD works directly with industry in consultative and collaborative roles.

ASD: Project Engineering Group

The Projects Engineering Group’s professional mechanical engineers and designers work within a Quality Management System and in accordance with the STFC Project Management Framework.

Based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), we carry out Project Management, Finite Element Analysis, and all aspects of Mechanical Engineering and Conceptual Design. We have a very successful history of working on large projects in collaborative teams in the UK and overseas.

ASD: The Cryogenics and Magnetics Group

The Cryogenics and Magnetics Group is engaged in a wide range of activities in the areas of long life closed cycle cooling systems for spacecraft, superconducting magnet design and manufacture, cryostat design and manufacture and medical applications of cryogenics.

Some recent projects include the development of miniature closed cycle refrigerators with industry for the European Space Agency, the development of a cryo-probe for the ablation of cancer tumours and the development of undulators for particle physics and light sources. We are heavily engaged in the Muon Ionisation Cooling Experiment (MICE) project where we are designing and procuring with Oxford University some of the superconducting magnets as well as the cryogenics for the hydrogen delivery system. We are also commissioning the pion decay solenoid for the same experiment.

The European Southern Observatory awarded the group the contract to build the cryogenic systems for the 66 antenna ALMA telescope in the Atacama Desert in Chile, all of which have been successfully delivered.

ASD: The Energy Research Unit

The Energy Research Unit (ERU) is a multi-disciplinary group which has a long record of carrying out ground-breaking research in new and renewable energy sources. The Unit, based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, works closely with industry, UK Higher Education Institutes and European collaborators.

For further information, please visit our website.

ASD: Composites and Materials Testing Group

The Composites and Materials Testing Group has facilities and expertise in the manufacture and testing of materials in extreme environments, particularly adhesives and composites for cryogenic and in high ionizing radiation.

Our suite of mechanical and thermal testing equipment is used to support STFC’s projects as well as our in house technology development, for example manufacture of superconducting magnets.

ASD: High Power Targets Group

The High Power Targets Group specializes in advanced simulation techniques and experimental programmes in the development of solutions to the challenges presented by international particle accelerator based facilities where a high power particle beam is required to interact with a target material, e.g. for the production of pions for neutrino facilities, neutrons, radioactive beams, positrons or for charged particle beam dumps.

ASD: Technical Systems Group

The Technical Systems Group, based at RAL, works in partnership with departments across the STFC, with specific responsibility for the procurement, fabrication, assembly, integration, installation and commissioning of complex mechanical systems.

Technical support is provided in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing and Project Support
  • Inspection and Metrology
  • Outside Manufacture and Procurement
Manufacturing and Project Support

In addition to maintaining a manufacturing service, we offer support for projects by the provision of direct effort and up-to-date precision machining facilities through our ma in mechanical workshops at RAL.

Inspection and Metrology

With a suite of state-of-the-art equipment, the facility can meet the ever increasing demands for high precision measurement required in scientific applications.

We also offer expert technical assistance with geometric and, dimensional inspection, metrology and calibration.

Outside Manufacture

We have an extensive list of contacts in the mechanical manufacturing industry, which, combined with our knowledge of their capacities and capabilities, ideally places us to source your manufacturing needs, ranging from prototypes to volume batch production.

Technical support is also available from T@DL: Engineering Technology Centre and UK ATC: Engineering Support Group.


  • Applied Science Division
    Anna Orlowska
    Tel: 01235 445717
  • ASD: The Cryogenics and Magnetics Group
    Martin Crook
    Tel: 01235 446149
  • ASD: The Energy Research Unit
    Jim Halliday
    Tel: 01235 445559
  • ASD: Composites and Materials Testing Group
    Simon Canfer
    Tel: 01235 445370
  • ASD: High Power Targets Group
    Chris Densham
    Tel: 01235 446273
  • ASD: Project Engineering Group
    Ian Wilmut
    Tel: 01235 446002
  • ASD: Technical Systems Group
    Richard Smith
    Tel: 01235 445325

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