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Advanced Fellowship

The final cohort of this highly successful scheme was selected in the 2010/11 round.

Key facts

Current STFC Advanced Fellowship holders

Fellow Institution
Dr Richard Alexander University of Leicester (2009)
Dr Steven Bamford University of Nottingham (2010)
Dr Michael Brown * University of Manchester (2011)
Dr Henner Busemann University of Manchester (2011)
Dr Matthew Charles University of Oxford (2008)
Dr Bradley Cheal University of Liverpool (2011)
Dr Michele Cirasuolo University of Edinburgh (2009)
Dr Clive Dickinson University of Manchester (2008)
Dr Monica D'Onofrio * University of Liverpool (2009)
Dr Nadav Drukker King’s College London (2010)
Dr J Eastwood Imperial College, London (2009)
Dr Kieran Flanagan University of Manchester (2009)
Dr Claire Foullon University of Exeter (2011)
Dr Liang Gao Durham University (2008)
Dr Meghan Gray University of Nottingham (2007)
Dr Thomas Greve University College London (2011)
Dr Jan Gutowski University of Surrey (2011)
Dr Mark Hannam * Cardiff University (2010)
Dr Zoe Leinhardt University of Bristol (2010)
Dr Ian McCarthy Liverpool John Moore’s (2011)
Dr Matthew Needham University of Edinburgh (2010)
Dr Jonathan Nichols University of Leicester (2011)
Dr Mitesh Patel Imperial College London (2009)
Dr Arnau Rios Huget University of Surrey (2011)
Dr Marc Sarzi University of Hertfordshire (2008)
Dr AM Swinbank Durham University (2010)
Dr Gianmassimo Tasinato University of Portsmouth (2010)
Dr John Taylor University of Keele (2010)
Dr Nicholas Teanby University of Bristol (2008)
Dr Robert Thomson Heriot-Watt University (2010)
Dr Antonin Vacheret University of Oxford (2011)
Dr Morgan Wascko Imperial College London (2008)
Dr Giulia Zanderighi University of Oxford (2007)
Dr Roman Zwicky University of Edinburgh (2008)

* Holders of Halliday Fellowships


Last updated: 04 March 2016


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