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Programme Management and Contacts

Andrea Provano (ILL) and Andrea Lazzarini (Turin, Italy) using Tosca at ISIS.
(Credit: STFC)

Day-to-day running of the programme will be the responsibility of the Project Co-ordinator, EU Project Support Officer and Project Administrator.

Project Co-ordinator: Philip King
EU Project Support Officer: Branwen Hide
Project Administrator: Lisa Wiltshire

Questions on the running of the programme and on the application and selection procedures can be addressed to the above people using the programme email address RIFP@stfc.ac.uk.

Management Committee

The Programme is overseen by a Management Committee (MC). The MC consists of the Programme Co-ordinator, Programme Administrator, EU project support officer, and staff members from participating STFC departments and Diamond. The MC oversees the implementation of the programme, including the evaluation and selection process.

The membership of the MC (June 2016) is:

  • Philip King (Project Co-ordinator and ISIS representative)
  • Cristina Hernandez-Gomez (CLF representative)
  • Malcolm Dunlop (RAL Space representative)
  • Claire Shepherd-Themistocleous (PPD representative)
  • Anna Orlowska (Technology Department Representative)
  • Peter McIntosh (ASTeC representative)
  • Chris Evans (UKATC representative)
  • Branwen Hide (EU project support officer)
  • Lisa Baker (Project administrator)
  • Jorg Zegenhagen (Diamond representative)
  • Barbara Montanari (Scientific Computing Department representative)

The MC meets twice during each application process: once near the start to review eligibility criteria of applications and discuss suitable referees for each proposal, and once at the end to make a final selection of Fellows.

The MC will meet an additional time during each year to review how the programme is working.

Advisory Board

The MC has an Advisory Board consisting of three external scientists, two of whom are from outside the UK. This Board shall will comment on the selection process and will be asked to periodically review all aspects of the Fellowship Programme and make suggestions for improvements.

The advisory Board membership will be made available shortly.

Last updated: 29 November 2017


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