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Research Grants

STFC provides research grant funding to UK Higher Education Institutions and other eligible research organisations for research in the fields of astronomy, particle physics and nuclear physics, and for associated technology development, research infrastructure and knowledge exchange.

These pages provide information on the funding opportunities that exist, current and upcoming calls, how to apply for funding, how proposals are assessed and how grants are awarded and managed.

The Research Grants Handbook provides a full description of STFC's grant funding arrangements.

Important note: For data analysis purposes, we ask that applicants do not include the words ‘Cov-19’, ‘Covid-19’ or ‘Coronavirus’ in the Lay Summary, Technical Summary or Title sections unless the application relates to proposed research in this area.

Cross-Council Funding Agreement (CCFA)

All responsive mode grant proposals that extend beyond a single research council's remit will be assessed by peer reviewers from across the relevant research disciplines. Decisions will be made through a single council's peer review process, but any significant element within another council's remit will be funded by the council concerned.

Full details of the agreement can be found on the UK Research and Innovation website.


For information about the processing of STFC research grants, fellowships and training grants you should use the following contact points.

For questions about Je-S, including registration and submitting applications and grant maintenance requests

For general questions about the peer review process

For questions relating to peer review of specific calls, including extensions to review due dates, contacts can be found on the call closing dates page.

For questions about maintenance and updates to existing grants

Please note that all requests to make changes to grants post award should be made using the JeS Grant Maintenance tool rather than coming direct to STFC staff.

Guidance on making a post award change can be found on the UK Research and Innovation website.

Enquiries about remit, i.e. whether the scientific areas of the proposed work fits within the scope of activities and science areas supported by STFC, should be addressed to:

Queries regarding general grants policy enquires should be addressed to:

Last updated: 01 April 2020


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