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2019 Opportunities Call


The Opportunities Call is designed to support the STFC PPAN community by providing funding for ‘pump-priming’ activities. The call aims to allow the STFC community to do one or more of the following types of activity:

  • Prepare for participation in multi-disciplinary science programmes that may be supported in the future by major UKRI or STFC funding schemes;
  • Undertake exploratory or proof-of-concept studies that may have the potential to develop into new strategic PPAN programmes;
  • Develop and strengthen multi-disciplinary research collaborations and networks. 

The Opportunities Call will aid STFC’s PPAN community by increasing their capacity for multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary working. Such increased capacity will both enable high-quality research, and position the PPAN community favourably to respond to future funding opportunities.

Application Process and Eligibility

This call considers ‘the PPAN community’ to encompass the following broad areas of STFC’s remit: particle physics, particle astrophysics, astronomy, nuclear physics, accelerator physics, solar and planetary science, and computing that underpins these areas.

The Opportunities Call supports pump-priming activities as opposed to substantive research programmes. Examples of pump-priming activities could include: networking; partnership building; workshop development and delivery; design studies; proofs of concept; or other pilot approaches.

In line with the call aims, pump-priming activities may be proposed for entirely new programmes of work, or to allow existing projects to move in new or interesting directions.

All applications will be subject to the appropriate level of Full Economic Cost (FEC). Each application can bid for a maximum of £140K (FEC).

To enable the support of a portfolio of projects of varying scale, proposals to the Opportunities call will be aligned in two separate rank ordered lists: one for proposals of values up to £50k and another for proposals of value £51k-£140k.

Subject to the advice of the assessment process, STFC anticipates supporting approximately 15 projects in total as a result of the Opportunities Call.

Proposals will be considered from any consortia or university groups eligible to apply for UKRI funding.

All proposal submissions should be made using the Je-S System.


The call will open from 29 April 2019 with a closing date of 13 June 2019. Proposals will be reviewed by a focused PPRP meeting and grants will commence from October 2019.

Each application will be initially assessed by two members of PPRP – the ‘introducers’, with decisions being made by the full panel at its July 2019 meeting. These introducers will review the proposal in advance of the PPRP meeting and will have the opportunity to submit any required ‘clarification questions’ to the applicants in advance of the meeting. These questions will be submitted to applicants by no later than 24 June 2019.

Applicants will not attend the July 2019 PPRP meeting. Instead, all applicants will be invited to submit their answers to any clarification questions, alongside a mandatory two-slide presentation, by no later than 3 July 2019.

For those who wish to apply; to help STFC manage this call please can you register your interest by emailing Chris Carlton (PPRP Secretary) or Roy Stephen (Programme Support Manager) by 1 June 2019. The email should contain a short description of your proposed work.



If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact:

Roy Stephen (Programme Support Manager)

Email: roy.stephen@stfc.ac.uk

Phone: (01793) 44 2000


Chris Carlton (Projects Peer Review Panel Secretary)

Email: christopher.carlton@stfc.ac.uk

Phone: (01793) 44 2004


Je-S Helpdesk (for system related queries)

Email: mailto:JeSHelp@je-s.ukri.org

Phone: (01793) 44 4164

Last updated: 21 May 2019


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