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Invite to build interdisciplinary networks to address air quality challenges at the indoor/outdoor interface

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) invites proposals for interdisciplinary networks under the second wave of the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) Clean Air programme.

The aim of the second wave of funding is to equip the UK to proactively tackle new and emerging air quality challenges related to changing emissions and exposure patterns and impacts on vulnerable groups of people. The programme objectives are to:

  • Build a new UK interdisciplinary community at the interface of indoor/outdoor air quality emissions, exposure and health impacts.
  • Deliver new knowledge that:
    • provides critical foresight on emerging air pollution challenges and associated health risks; and
    • enables us to better understand and quantify human behavioural change and practices and how to influence through communication and technology interventions in order to limit exposure routes and mitigate health risks at vulnerable stages of the life course.
  • Provide consistent, evidence-based advice for stakeholders through open data and tools in order to stimulate policy and regulatory innovation.
  • Stimulate business-led innovation for sustainable products and services to protect health at the indoor/outdoor interface and grow UK businesses.

Visit the Natural Environment Research Council Announcement of Opportunity web page to view full details and apply. 

UKRI hosted a webinar on Wednesday 27 November to support the funding opportunity for the Strategic Priorities Fund Clean Air programme Networks to build interdisciplinary communities to address air quality challenges at the indoor/outdoor interface.

The deadline for registration was 10:00 Monday 25 November 2019. Please note, there was no requirement to attend the webinar in order to submit a proposal to this call. A recording of the webinar and the frequently asked questions may be viewed on the NERC Announcement of Opportunity web page.

Last updated: 05 December 2019


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