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Forthcoming Project Peer Review Panel Meeting - 16-17 July 2020

Update on Forthcoming Project Peer Review Panel Meeting - 16-17 July 2020

Due to COVID-19 the 16-17 July meeting of the Projects Peer Review Panel (PPRP) will now take place virtually via Zoom. The presentation and Q&A session for the various proposals are still open to members of the science community to observe. The Panel will be reviewing three project proposals. These proposals will be separated into two panel sessions across different dates. Anyone who wishes to attend should contact Christopher Carlton who will send them the Zoom details for the meeting.

The proposals being reviewed and time of review are as follows:

16th July 11.30 - 13.10 - UK Participation in the Production Phase of the Cherenkov Telescope Array 2021-2025

The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is an international project involving over 1500 scientists from 31 countries, over 40 of whom are based in the UK. The CTA Observatory (CTAO) will consist of arrays of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes (IACTs) for gamma-ray astronomy in the energy range from 10 GeV to over 100 TeV. The observatory's arrays in the northern and southern hemispheres will provide an improvement in sensitivity over current IACTs of a factor of ten at 1 TeV, whilst simultaneously extending the photon energy range covered and providing improved spatial and energy resolution. CTA will survey the sky about 200 times faster than current instruments and will outperform the Fermi satellite by over four orders of magnitude in sensitivity for sub-minute transient phenomena. CTA therefore ideally complements gravitational wave detectors, observatories operating at longer electromagnetic wavelengths, and neutrino detectors in the era of multi-messenger astronomy that is now beginning.

CTA will operate as an observatory. Access to data, and observation time, will be granted to scientists in countries which contribute to CTAO construction and operation. The primary objective of this proposal is to ensure UK scientists are granted this access by providing instrumentation for the Observatory.

This application seeks to establish the facilities necessary for construction and the testing of the elements of the camera will be established, as will a facility for assembling and testing complete cameras. The elements produced in the UK include the camera enclosure, sensor modules with their pre-amplifiers and shapers, front-end electronics, the illumination system for camera calibration, the camera window, and doors which protect the camera.

The Panel goes into closed session for the rest of this and the following day.

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