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Management of current grants

Impact of Coronavirus on UKRI-supported research

The STFC Research Grants Handbook and the core Terms and Conditions for STFC grants provide details of the responsibilities that grant holders and their institutions have for managing STFC grants. This includes how the funds may be used, the arrangements for extending or transferring grants and the reporting requirements that apply.

Payment of Research Grant funds

Grant funds are paid to the Research Organisation by quarterly payments that follow a predetermined profile over the lifetime of the grant based on an expected pattern of expenditure. The payments include whatever element of indexation STFC has allowed for inflation.

STFC reserves the right to amend the payment profile at its discretion. The Research Organisation will be advised, in advance, of any such change. Changes to payment profiles may, because of the impact on indexation, affect the overall value of the grant.

Research Organisations receive one payment in respect of all their STFC grants due for payment in each quarter. Payments are made by Bankers Automated Clearing Services (BACS).

Reporting requirements

When a research grant ends, the Research Organisation must submit a Final Expenditure Statement, which sets out how much has been spent on the grant. This is then reconciled against the amount that has been paid and the final profiled payment is adjusted accordingly.

For the most part, grant holders are not required to submit a formal final report on the outcome of their grants, although a report on the research carried out will frequently be part of the assessment of proposals to continue funding, particularly in the case of consolidated grants.

Instead, grant holders are required to report on research outputs through the Researchfish (formerly the e-Val) data collection system, which is available on an on-going basis, although there is an annual submission deadline. Grant holders will be requested to participate in updating the Researchfish database with updates during the lifetime of their grant and for up to 5 years afterwards. Further information is available on the ResearchFish page.

Last updated: 20 March 2020


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