STFC postgraduate studentships are awarded to enable promising scientists and engineers to continue training beyond a first degree. We award studentship funding directly to universities and research organisations and not to individual students. If you are interested in applying for an STFC-funded PhD, please contact the institution at which you wish to undertake a research degree directly.

Rules and regulations

All studentship projects supported through STFC funding must fall within STFC remit.

STFC Support for Short Courses and Summer Schools

The STFC’s Education, Training and Careers Committee has in recent years supported well-established short courses and summer schools. The submission deadline for the next call for bids against its budget for short courses and summer schools to be held in 2019 is Friday 28 September 2018.

Careers event for STFC-funded early career researchers

A video recording of the careers event for STFC PhD students held in London on 19 October 2016 is available on the Royal Astronomical Society website. A further careers event was held on 4 October 2017 at the Manchester Conference Centre.

Postgraduate training and skills

Postgraduate training programmes must provide appropriate opportunities for students to become effective researchers,to enhance their employability and assist their career progress after completion of their degree.

Statement of Expectations for Doctoral Training

UK Reserach and Innovation (UKRI) has unveiled its Statement of Expectations for Doctoral Training, which sets out common principles for all Research Council-funded students.

The single statement provides clarity on expectations of research organisations, students and their training environment.

Common Studentships Language

UK Reserach and Innovation (UKRI) has set out Common Terminology for the different approaches to funding postgraduate training taken by the Research Councils. It provides clarity and consistency for postgraduate students and higher education institutions.

PhD Student Questionnaire

STFC funded students are expected to complete an annual survey giving their views on their experience of the training provided by universities. The Education, Training and Careers Committee is keen to receive this feedback to monitor and evaluate STFC’s postgraduate studentship programme. Analyses of the response to previous questionnaires can be found on our PhD Student Questionnaire web page.

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