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Access to cutting edge R&D and world-class facilities

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, the companies that survive and grow are those that innovate.  Today's consumer is increasingly technically savvy and hungry for the next scientific breakthrough that will improve living for our generation and generations to come.

STFC works collaboratively with a range of businesses across a broad range of sectors enabling them to exploit our world-class science facilities to overcome difficult product, manufacturing or process issues. Working in partnership with our experts we are collaborating with companies to develop new products, accelerate product discovery, improve processes and improve products.

This important work enables us to contribute to the UK's productivity performance and support the government's long term vision for how Britain can build on its economic strengths as outlined in the Industrial Strategy. 

High intensity lasers, ultra-fast sources and advanced laser microscopy.

Deliver business benefits and product insights through cross-disciplinary applications.

A world leader in sustainable technologies is working collaboratively with STFC and a UK university to understand the fundamental factors controlling catalytic processes. Using our laser facilities will enable them to improve the performance of industrial catalysts used in a number of areas such as emissions control technologies.

Central Laser Facility

STFC enables businesses to test, validate and improve their products and processes through world-leading particle acceleration facilities and expertise.

Read about how a large US security screening screening company has been using our electron beam facilities to test novel methods for advanced x-ray screening techniques to focus and de-risk their development programmes.

Accelerator Science and Technology Centre

Neutrons for understanding the material world.

Bringing together research and industry to fast-track solutions to industrial challenges and develop new materials for every-day uses.

Read about how a world famous car and aero engine manufacturer has used non-destructive, penetrating neutron imaging techniques to examine closely the heat treatment stages of turbine blade manufacture. The knowledge obtained has allowed them to modify the process in order to prevent surface defects.

ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

Combine the power of computer simulation, large scale data analytics and cognitive technologies.

Create complete industrial solutions and exploit digital opportunities to transform your business.

Read about how STFC are working in with an Analytical Laboratory instrument and software company to add a new dimension to its computing capabilities, enhance product offerings and boost its market share.

Hartree Centre

STFC enables businesses to innovate faster in the space sector, through access to validated technologies, expertise & partners.

Read how STFC is working with Kings College London and Kings College Hospital to develop a technology that was originally used for measuring gases on Mars, but now being used as part of a pilot clinical study to test its effectiveness as a medical diagnostic tool for sepsis.

RAL Space

X-rays for advanced characterisation in materials research.

Multi-disciplinary approach to challenges across diverse industry sectors.

Read about how a Cambridge University spin-out has developed into a world leader in the development of diseases - from Alzheimer's to cancer - using the x-ray techniques offered by the synchrotron to uncover the structure of protein receptors.

Diamond Light Source

Bridging for Innovators helps companies to overcome product, manufacturing or process performance issues by accessing STFC's world-leading science facilities. Working closely with STFC research and innovation experts, companies can develop projects that address specific innovation challenges to accelerate business productivity.

  • In-kind funding for projects aiming to solve product, manufacturing or process issues
  • Access to STFC’s world-leading science facilities
  • Extensive support from scientific and technical experts with proven track-records of solving complex industrial challenges


Bridging for Innovators


To speak to someone in our team about accessing our facilities, please contact:

Massimo Noro
E: massimo.noro@stfc.ac.uk
T: +44 (0)1925 603452

Ric Allott
E: ric.allott@stfc.ac.uk
T: +44 (0)1235 445882

left-hand quote markWorking with STFC was a great experience and benefited Exgence in multiple ways. From providing invaluable technical advice, to structuring and organising the project workflow to fit in with our aims, as well as supplying the resource to achieve this at a time when we needed it most.right-hand quote mark

Erol Chioasca, Managing Director, Exgence

left-hand quote markThe facilities at STFC's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory are world class. Coupled with the presence of many high-impact researchers at the site and the commitment of STFC management to foster collaboration, the site is very attractive to industryright-hand quote mark

Dr Paul Collier, Senior Researcher Fellow, Johnson Matthey Technology Centre

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