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Scientific equipment, office and laboratory space

Part of the campus offering to companies, whether SMEs or large organisations, is to provide high quality accommodation either as part of our joint ventures at Harwell Campus and Sci-Tech Daresbury and through our own provision at the national laboratories.

From business incubation and multi-occupancy buildings for smaller firms, to purpose-built bespoke buildings developed on-site by larger organisations, the consistent aim is to meet the demand for cost-effective, high-spec accommodation of every type required by 21st century high-tech businesses. This includes:

  • Offices, laboratories and clean rooms
  • Facilities for meetings, conferences, breakout sessions, networking etc

I-TAC provides flexible access to laboratory space
(Credit: McCoy Wynne)

Existing and planned accommodation includes:

A key new initiative is our Campus Technology Hub (CTH), a purpose-built engineering facility planned for Sci-Tech Daresbury. Its underlying aim is to provide a focal point where businesses, universities and research organisations can work in partnership to tackle engineering challenges, with access to leading-edge equipment and associated skills.

The CTH will, for example:

  • Make the latest engineering processes (e.g. 3D printing) readily available
  • Train apprentices in key fields of engineering
  • Turn ideas into prototypes in a matter of weeks

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