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ESA Innovation Partner Network

STFC has led the ESA Innovation Partner Network (ESA IPN) in the UK since 2009. The network consists of representatives across ESA member states that work together with local industry and national technology-transfer initiatives to inspire and facilitate the use of space technology and know-how for non-space applications.

With more than 20 years of experience, the ESA IPN has supported more than 300 successful transfers into non-space sectors such as Energy, Health, Transport, Agriculture and Manufacturing.

Since 2013, the network has completed 42 transfers with a total transfer value of more than €7M.

UK Space Industry

Are you a space company or an organisation with technology from space programmes that could be applied in terrestrial applications?

STFC can provide:

  • Promotion of your technology through the ESA Space Solutions website and at various events across Europe
  • Identification of commercialisation opportunities in non-space markets
  • Mediation between you and non-space industry
  • Communication of success stories across Europe
  • Advice and help to access R&I funding

Simply submit details of your space technology and send to us via email.

Non-Space Industry

Are you a company looking to innovate with cutting-edge technologies?
Do it with Space!

Space is an incredibly hard environment to work in: weightless, airless and daunting temperature extremes. The demand for systems that operate reliably for years on end, with no chance of repair, presents a perpetual challenge to scientists and engineers. The resulting technologies are in a class of their own, offering valuable attributes to non-space industries.

As the UK broker for the ESA IPN, STFC can help you in:

  • Technology scouting across Europe to find space solutions to your technological challenges
  • Accessing ESA’s IP portfolio
  • Marketing resulting products with the ESA Space Solutions brand
  • Advice and help to access R&I funding

STFC also specialises in business incubation, including the management of the ESA Business Incubation Centre United Kingdom. Whether you have a great idea for how to use space technology, or simply want a cutting-edge solution to your technological challenge, get in touch and see how Space can help you.


Helen Rogerson
ESA IPN UK, Manager
+44 (0)1925 603122

Michaela Kiernan
ESA IPN UK, Business Development
+44 (0)1925 603723

Last updated: 23 July 2019


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