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Central Laser Facility offers £15,000


Central Laser Facility offers £15,000 to help unlock your company’s potential SMEs have the chance to win up to £15,000 each in 'Proof of Principle' voucher prizes to help them unlock their potential by addressing key challenges in their technologies.

Many SME’s encounter barriers in developing their technologies beyond a certain stage and overcoming these can be pivotal to the success of the company; it can help unfold other market sectors and offer significant potential on the wider market. Now SME’s have the chance to access cutting edge imaging techniques. STFC’s Central Laser Facility is offering access to its Laser Imaging and Microscopy facilities (OCTOPUS) through ‘Proof-of-Principle’ vouchers that are redeemable against expertise, facilities and resources at the STFC Harwell site.

OCTOPUS (Optics Clustered to OutPut Unique Solutions) is a new concept in laser imaging, in which multiple light sources are linked to multiple imaging stations allowing a combination of techniques to be brought to bear on the samples under investigation.

Techniques offered are:

This proof of principle competition allows SMEs to access expertise, capability and facilities offered by OCTOPUS at the STFC’s Central Laser Facility. These techniques can help overcome key challenges and accelerate product development processes.

To enter please complete an application form and submit it to Sue Davies by Thursday 14th January 2016.

Key application criteria include the following:

  • Your business should comprise fewer than 250 people.
  • Your proposed project should have clear business objectives and impact potential, should align with STFC’s fields of expertise and interest, and should already have progressed beyond proof-of-concept stage.
  • You need to be able to come to the CLF at Harwell to undertake the work and related project meetings.
  • Projects must be commissioned and completed by 31st March 2016.
  • The production of a case study at the end of the project in association with the Central Laser Facility

The winners will be selected by an STFC panel of experts.

The voucher scheme is subject to special terms and conditions that differ from STFC’s standard terms and conditions for contracted work. The intention is that the voucher holder will own and is free to use the IP arising from the project funded by the voucher – with the exception of the IP that relates to improvements of STFC’s background IP and operation of its facilities.

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