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How is engineering changing the world?

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How is engineering changing the world?

24 April 2018

This year, the UK is on a mission to tackle the skills gap in engineering by inspiring the next generation to take up the profession. Led by the government, the national campaign ‘Year of Engineering’ (YoE) encourages organisations to come together to inspire more young people into the sector. By highlighting the breadth of careers, emphasising diversity, and providing first-hand experiences in the field, the campaign seeks to engage schools, families and teachers with the exciting world of engineering.

Here at STFC, we’ve launched a dedicated Year of Engineering webpage, complete with infographics, illustrations, videos and other resources highlighting the ways in which engineers shape the world and impact our everyday lives. Throughout the year, we’ll also be running a number of public engagement events across our sites, and featuring real-life engineers and the great work they are doing.

As a centre for cutting-edge research, pioneering engineering is at the heart of what we do at STFC. Our staff include a strong cohort of engineers, spanning the fields of computer, mechanical, software, aerospace and robotics engineering.

STFC Mechanical Engineer and Head of ISIS Neutron and Muon Source Instrumentation Division, Debbie Greenfield says: “Engineering plays a part in almost everything we do and underpins the work at STFC. At the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, we work on solutions to many of today’s global problems including energy, environmental change, life-long health and wellbeing, and nanoscience. Being part of the management team for something which is having such an amazing impact on these world-wide problems is incredibly rewarding.”

A core aim of the YoE campaign is to highlight the impact of engineering on our daily lives. As a discipline, engineering has delivered countless benefits to society. For instance, engineering technology originally developed for particle physics and astronomy research at STFC is now used in MRI scanners in hospitals around the world. It’s amazing to think that this technology originated from engineering.

But that’s not all, engineers are continuing to play a part in changing the world around us. Hartree Centre’s software engineer, David Meredith is working on a revolutionary app, which has the potential to improve young patients’ experiences at hospital.

“My role as a software engineer was to design and build the augmented reality (AI) service 'Ask Oli', and integrate this into the official AlderPlay hospital app. Engineering essentially turns the great ideas behind project's into reality. My experience of working on the app was very varied. I not only detailed system architecture design, security and coding, but also built a rapport, working closely with clinicians and hospital staff to help gather requirements, showcasing the variety of work you can do as an engineer.

Engineers have shaped our lives and continue to change the world around us in diverse and far-reaching ways, and by engaging bright minds up and down the country, we hope to help inspire the next generation. So check out our Year of Engineering webpage to learn all about the exciting careers in this field, or explore engineering events taking place near you. The potential engineers of the future are out there, so let’s find them and show them everything this amazing field has to offer.

Last updated: 30 July 2018


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