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My light bulb moment - Satsafe Founder, Stuart Millward

My light bulb moment happened around three years ago. I was out running with my dog in some remote Cheshire countryside where I live. While I was out I came across an elderly lady who had fallen from a ladder. I called an ambulance and she was taken to hospital. Three months later I overheard in the petrol garage a conversation about a lady who was visiting her sister, who had fallen from a ladder. She had broken her spine in two places and both her wrists and would have died if she hadn’t been found by a guy who was out running. I said: “That was me!” And that’s when I had my light bulb moment.

At the time I was working with GPS satellite technologies, and this incident started me thinking about how these technologies could be used for a wide range of safety and security applications.

Fast forward three years and my company, Satsafe, is an exciting and innovative technology business providing safety and security benefits to our customers using GPS technology. Our technology can tell you if your child falls from a bike, or if your bike is stolen and it can also help you drive more safely and cheaply. Our flagship road safety device, the Geobloc, is a ‘black box’ safety device for cars. It provides advanced crash detection and crash reconstruction technologies for cars and can even notify you if you could be driving more safely or economically. Our main mission is to drastically improve road safety in the UK, particularly amongst younger and vulnerable drivers, by supporting them with the use of GPS satellite technology.

Thanks to funding from the ESA Business Incubation Centre at Harwell, and the advanced engineering facilities and expertise at the Campus Technology Hub at Daresbury, we have been able to develop the Geobloc faster and more cheaply than would have otherwise been possible.

Today, Satsafe is the lead consortium partner for road safety in Manchester’s £10 million ‘smart city’ demonstrator project, CityVerve, and we’re working alongside major companies such as Siemens, CISCO and BT, to demonstrate how telematics technologies like ours can be used to create a smarter, safer city and enhance our quality of life. And we are just about to launch our first crowdfunding campaign to support this – things could not be more exciting for us right now!

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