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Year of Engineering

15 January 2018

Engineering underpins major scientific feats – such as the discovery of gravitational waves – and international centres for scientific research like CERN. And every day, engineers drive technological advances that are visible in all areas of society.

2018 is the Year of Engineering, and organisations around the UK are working together to highlight this extraordinary field.

Together with other research councils, STFC is celebrating the Year of Engineering with lots of inspiring content. On this page, you can watch interviews with STFC engineers, explore our infographic on the many engineering careers, and see some of the people tackling modern engineering challenges.

So #takeacloserlook at engineering. You might be surprised at what you find.

Engineering at a Glance - click to see the huge variety of careers in engineering

Engineering at a glance infographic thumbnail

Young students being inspired by a plasma ball
#TeamScience - Real Stories

Meet the real people behind modern engineering, and hear about their potentially world-changing work

Dr Victoria Garcia Sakai is a senior scientist at STFC's ISIS facility. Listen to Victoria talk about what inspired her to become a scientist, and what advice she’d give the potential scientists of the future.

Dr Victoria Garcia Sakai
(Credit: STFC)

Amanda Brummitt is a mechanical project engineer at STFC. Listen to Amanda talk about what inspired her to become an engineer, and what advice she’d give the potential engineers of the future.

Amanda Brummitt
(Credit: STFC)

Jamie Nutter is an Instrument and User Support Section Leader at STFC's ISIS facility. Hear what he had to say about what made him want to become an engineer.

Jamie Nutter
(Credit: STFC)

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