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UK News from CERN

UK News from CERN is a newsletter for anyone with an interest in CERN. Whether you're interested in science and technology, the career opportunities for students, teachers and researchers or you'd like to become a CERN supplier, UKNFC brings you the latest news and opportunities.

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Issue 82

In this issue:

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As always, UK participation is at the heart of every article. If you would like to offer feedback on anything in this issue, or you have an idea for a future article, please contact Stephanie Hills.

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Previous Issues

22 October 2013
UK News from CERN Issue 31

In this issue:

  • CLIC-ing on to new technology – innovative quadrupole magnets and Crab Cavities
  • Trigger happy – a new Trigger Coordinator for ATLAS
  • Keeping chemical hearts beating – UK company at the heart of all four LHC experiments
  • A picture speaks 1000 words – new competition for EPSRC-supported researchers and students
  • And finally… physics on the front page
  • Dates for the diary
08 October 2013
UK News from CERN Issue 30

In this issue:

  • Nobel news! – time to celebrate
  • Cows, clouds and climate – new results re'veal' important mechanism that cools our climate
  • In the hot seat – new Physics Coordinator for ATLAS
  • Our universe is yours – CERN's public open days
  • Dates for the diary
24 September 2013
UK News from CERN Issue 29

In this issue:

  • Chips with everything – a pixel detector that is taking particle physics into new places
  • Reaching out to Africa – the Higgs boson provides a helping hand
  • Winning words – submit your entry for the Award for Physics Journalism
  • I’m a scientist, get me out of here! – have you got the X factor?
  • Physics on the small screen - now showing on a TV near you
  • Dates for the diary
27 August 2013
UK News from CERN Issue 28

In this issue:

  • CERN Open Days – book now!
  • A world first for ATLAS – introducing the thermosiphon
  • Cool contracts and new capabilities – UK company expands with £1M contracts
  • Analysing antimatter with a crowd – designing a web app to get help from the crowd
  • And finally – stand-up for science
  • Dates for the diary
13 August 2013
UK News from CERN Issue 27

In this issue:

  • Particle physics to patients – a software toolkit with many uses
  • Tech transfer in every direction – new expertise for industry, and a student challenge
  • Teaching the teachers – keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in particle physics
  • Own your own collider – put particles in your pocket
  • And finally – it’s a rap
  • Dates for the diary
30 July 2013
UK News from CERN Issue 26

In this 1st birthday issue:

  • Almost AWAKE – a new CERN experiment that could revolutionise accelerator technology
  • Summer of fun(damental physics) – the summer students have arrived
  • Ideas to inspire – register now for the STFC Public Engagement symposium
  • Dates for the diary
16 July 2013
UK News from CERN Issue 25

In this issue:

  • Reflections on a year at CERN
  • Sounds like science – the physics of music and the music of physics
  • UK’s young scientist and engineer of the year visit CERN
  • People news – University of Sussex appoints first female physics professor
  • Dates for the diary
02 July 2013
UK News from CERN Issue 24

In this issue:

  • US and them – expats in UK and US institutes compare notes
  • Primary particles – four Derbyshire primary schools come to CERN with a long-term vision
  • Institute of Physics awards – warm congratulations to…
  • Dates for the diary
18 June 2013
UK News from CERN Issue 23 (Welsh)

Yn y rhifyn arbennig hwn:

  • Gwreichion Abertawe - cymdeithas o 50 mlynedd sy'n parhau i ddylanwadu ar wyddoniaeth CERN
  • Lledaenu'r gair - cyfres ddogfen newydd sy’n canolbwyntio ar gyfraniad Cymru i CERN
  • Pwy yw pwy yn y ddogfen
  • Dyddiadau ar gyfer y dyddiadur
18 June 2013
UK News from CERN Issue 23

In this special issue:

  • Swansea sparks – a 50 year association that continues to influence CERN science
  • Spreading the word – a new documentary series focuses on the Welsh contribution to CERN
  • Who's who in the documentary?
  • Dates for the diary

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