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52 million electron volt milestone for cancer therapy technology soon to be tested at Daresbury Lab

31 October 2018

Breakthrough radiotherapy technology that aims to reduce the cost and improve the performance of cancer treatment, is now one step closer to completion following a major milestone in its development.

UK company Advanced Oncotherapy plc, developer of the pioneering proton radiotherapy ‘LIGHT’ system, has confirmed that it has successfully generated and fired a 52 million electron volt proton beam through a particle accelerator - double the output energy required to treat superficial tumours. 

The next step will be the installation and assembly of the full LIGHT system at STFC’s Daresbury Laboratory, which will begin later this year.

STFC signed a major contract with Advanced Oncotherapy earlier this year confirming that it would build an assembly and testing centre for the LIGHT system, the technology for which span out of CERN. Since then, engineers at Daresbury Laboratory have been ticking off the complex project milestones to ensure that everything is ready for installation, the components of which are already arriving. 

Full energy testing will follow next year, with acceleration of up to 230 million electron volts, which is required for the treatment of deep-seated tumours.

STFC’s Susan Smith, Head of Daresbury Laboratory, said: “Accelerating protons at an energy sufficient to treat superficial tumours, and firing them successfully through each of the key modules, is a major achievement for this project. It’s exciting to know that Daresbury Laboratory’s expertise in particle accelerators and facility construction will be contributing towards the success of this ground breaking physics and medical project.”

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