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All I Want For Christmas Is – an LED Tree?!

12 December 2018

(Credit: STFC)

A team of apprentices have joined together for a fun and festive project, which allowed them to practise their problem-solving skills while spreading some Christmas cheer.

Apprentices from different fields – electrical, mechanical and electronics – based at STFC’s Daresbury Laboratory were given the unusual task of creating a light-up Christmas tree.

The team used their different areas of expertise to carry out the project from start to finish, from designing the circuit board, programming it to make the lights work and assembling it.

This task was designed to teach the young apprentices to work together as a team to hone some of the skills they are learning as part of their apprenticeship, including laser printing, soldering and CAD drawings.

STFC Apprentice Co-ordinator Jonathan Aghanian said: “This project allows them to think outside the box and come together as a team. It is important for the apprentices to work on their problem-solving skills, because every project we work on here at Daresbury is unique and has its own challenges so they have to be prepared for that.

“This type of application of skills and thought process is really useful in industry, so it helps to set them up for their future careers.”

There are currently 28 apprentices at Daresbury, who each have the opportunity to work with some of the most advanced technologies in the world and support international science projects, including working at CERN and ILL.

As well as receiving accredited training, the apprentices also get on-the-job training and mentoring from STFC’s world-class workforce.

Find out more about the STFC apprentice scheme here.

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