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Clowning around in the name of science!

‘The science of the circus’ took place at two community centres in Halton this week, as Daresbury Laboratory and Halton Borough Council took the popular Talking Science series on the road – and behind the curtain of the big top.

Dr Ken Farquhar, who combines his science training with his award winning juggling skills, treated audiences in Widnes and Runcorn to a fascinating insight into how science is at home in the circus.

He wowed the audiences with facts about gravity and forces, showing them that science is not only fun, but useful in all walks of life. Gravity is a jugglers best friend – without it he would be booed off stage! Acrobats need to understand force, and weight shift in order to stay upright on the tightrope or unicycle. And once you understand these principles, it is amazing how useful it becomes in everyday life.

Over 160 people enjoyed Dr Ken’s crazy antics over the two days.

This year Daresbury Laboratory is celebrating twenty years of Talking Science, fun educational events for families. The current programme of events, which run until June, are being taken to venues across the region to attract new audiences.

Find out more about Daresbury Laboratory’s Talking Science series here.

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Last updated: 10 April 2019


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